vendredi 10 décembre 2010

The maps of the region of Usteinen and the work of Benoit Lahaye (Ulg)

A good map is always handy! Therefore, on the advice of Frank Pattyn (ULB), we contacted the geomaticians at ULg: Prof. Jean-Paul Donnay and Yves Cornet ( last year. They quickly reacted and proposed two research subjects to undergraduate students in Geography. Benoit Lahaye started a project to make a mid-scale mapping using the available satellite images. Florence de Francquen decided to make a feasibility study concerning the use of a drone to carry out a high accuracy mapping by photogrametry.
For his work, Benoit collected the satellite images available on LIMA ( Then, he had to paste them together, and make complex treatments to add information, like the coordinates, the topographic names…. He also used models for the altitudes. Unfortunately, it happens that the station is on one map, and the Sor Rondane Mountains are on another one.

This summer, Benoit came to discuss with Zorigto, myself and Wim Van Nieuwenhuyze (University of Gent) who was also working in the project BELDIVA. He showed us several versions of the maps, with different constrast levels. With some settings, it was possible to see distinctly the relief of the ice, but the rocks were all black.

With other settings, which we preferred, the relief of the rocks were more visible.

Benoit showing the different contrast levels
Wim, Benoit and Zorigto discussing

In September, Benoit and Florence successfully presented their undergraduate thesis.

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