lundi 3 janvier 2011

3rd January 2010

This picture shows the area in front of the Station. Left to right: electrical solar panels, snowmelter, 2 tanks for hot water (the solar heated one will be installed afterwards),2 "Prinoth" tractors with sledges, 1st Prinoth with orange fuel barrels, the grey 10-feet survival  container and the ski-doos (under the blackcover on the 2nd sledge). a 2nd Prinoth with also a grey survival container,fuel drums with ski-doo on top and a blue container for the crew (beds for 4 persons). 4 white-yellow tents for persons who prefer to sleep outside (it's very nice here because the place is wind protected).
Containers for garbage and containers for science. My scientific container is dark blue. Far on the horizon, you can see the air strip and the oil barrels for airplane refueling.

We had some news about the party that is gone with the meteorites' hunters on the plateau. The weather is quite harsh and  I have heard that Steven already suffered a frostbite. They have a 'wind chill' temperature about -40° C (measured temperature + wind speed factor). The group of Alain should come back this evening (they planned to come yesterday, but the weather was not good also).

Here, we have a nice and warm weather, but tomorrow and after tomorrow we should have a storm with blowing snow, may be a 'whiteout'. I have installed a small Closed-Top Chamber on the ridge (to use with the fluorometer). The temperature inside the chamber immediately increased and the snow started to melt. This happened faster than I thought! I will check the data from the temperature sensors in the afternoon.

Yesterday,  I had a problem with  the connection of my computer and the download of the measurement data from the fluorometer. Our device is a modified version according to our requirements and it has a special firmware. I have contacted Tomas Rataj from the company PSI and he sent me a new firmware and instructions how to install it. Happily everything worked! What I like with PSI is that they try to answer and solve the problems immediately.

Cheers, Zorigto

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