dimanche 9 janvier 2011

A nice diversity in a cryoconite

In the past weeks, I have placed temperature loggers in the cryoconites. They are attached to a bamboo pole. I would like to know what is going on in this particular environment (see the blog on 'what are cryoconites?').
I have made a microscopic observation of a sample and was surprised to see one cryoconite where Cyanothece, a nice unicellular cyanobacteria, was dominant.
Cyanothece sp.

Cyanothece and Oscillatoria spp.
Single filaments of a cyanobacterium similar to Tolypothrix are also present. Usually, we find Phormidium and Leptolyngbya spp. in the cryoconites here.
I have started trials to cultivate the Cyanothece.
Cheers, Zorigto

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