jeudi 20 janvier 2011

preparation of the expediton to the 'lost valley' of Yuboku

The weather is not bad today, the wind speed is up to 10 m/s, but the biological crusts are covered with snow and there is not enough sunlight to melt them. Thus, I cannot work on the ridge.
We are preparing an expedition  to  the Yuboku Valley this Saturday.
We expect that there will be three lakes in this valley. Elie Verleyen has given instructions how to make a sediment corer. Indeed, we did not expect to find lakes and did not take the coring equipment this year.These samples would be very interesting for the DELAQUA project (see item on this blog).

We are lucky at the station, as we have real craftmen who can build everything (almost :-)). The picture shows Bernard Polet and Paul Herman who are working on the sediment corer. We call this corer "BP-1".
 Many thanks to them!

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