mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Unexpected finding on Teltet

Till now, the Teltet nunatak did not show the presence of any colored biofilm. In contrast, these biofilms and biological crusts were observed on the Utsteinen nunatak. However, today, I have taken a gravel sample from a place that looked 'suitable for life', even if none was visible to the naked eye. It was on the  northern slope of a gneiss outcrop with available water, because there was a snow bank above it. Looking at the microscope, I have found a quite nice community of Cyanothece and Phormidium autumnale!
The difference of this outcroup with the other sites on Teltet, like the moraines, was the availability of water.
Though interesting, it would not be possible to install an Open Top Chamber here, because the slope is too high and there no flat surface.
Cheers, Zorigto

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