mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Réunion du 22 décembre: planification de l'expédition - Photos

With courtesy of VRT
On the 22th December 08, the BELDIVA members and their colleagues 
had an appointment at the Botanical Garden of Belgium,
to discuss with Damien Ertz who has been to the site of the Station,
before it was constructed. He also did a first biological inventory.
Joris Vermost and Jos Van Hemelrijck van de VRT are present, and
we have obtained these images thanks to them.

As we intend to go to IPF in the afternoon, to fetch the clothes,
Cyrille d'Haese and Steve Roberts are also present.
It is the first time that we met together.
At IPF, Laurence was waiting for us, and we can test the clothes
and see if the sizes are OK.

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