samedi 9 janvier 2010

Saturday: a long journey

Saturday 9th January,
At 5.00 this morning, we have got a small breakfast at Hotel Lady Hamilton and took a taxi to the airport. There, among the flights to Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, a strange name is standing: 'Antarctica'. And indeed, we have to check the luggage as one does for a regular flight! There is even a gate where 'Antarctica' is written.
Finally, the Illiouchin started to fly around 8.30. After 6 hours of flight, we arrived at the Troll station. One hour before landing, we were asked to put our warm clothes on. When the door opens up, the contrast is almost schoking. All white and blue. It is sunny, with a temperature of -2°C. The expected departure to the Princess Elisabeth Station is expected around 18 or 19H.
See you soon, Zorigto

1) more information on the Logistic Center of ALCI that is running the DROMLAND network and produced the map above :
2)If you want to see the weather in Troll, try :
3) There are also nice pictures of the Troll Castle at :

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