mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Tuesday 4th January

The weather is not very good today. There is a lot of wind and snow, but I still can see Teltet from the window of the station. Yesterday evening,  the group of Alain came back from the plateau. They have already found meteorites.
Yesterday,  I have collected the data from the logger installed inside of the small Closed-Top Chamber (the one that I want to use with the fluorometer). The ice was molten inside, but there was a lot of ice outside.
During the day, the temperature inside the measurement chamber was 5-6 °C higher than outside.The contrast was high also because the wind was quite strong during the incubation period and the temperature outside was quite low ('chilling effect' of the wind). During the night,  the temperature inside of the CTC was 1.5-2 °C higher than outside. This also can be explained by the shielding and protection from the wind.

I was surprised to see that the temperature increased very quickly (4-5 minutes) inside the chamber, as soon as it was positioned. This is too quick in fact, for the experiment that I wanted to make. Indeed, I thought that the temperature rise would be more gradual, and I could measure the photosynthetic efficiency over a large range of conditions. I need to think about it. Maybe I will put the chamber on small stones and will close it gradually or I will just make measurements at several time periods at the same spot, hoping that there will be different temperatures inside the chamber?
Cheers, (a puzzled) Zorigto

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