mercredi 22 février 2012

Back to Cape Town

Today we flew to Novo and spend their one day waiting for the IL76 flight. Although I spent here several days (once 7 days in a row), I still find a strange place to get stuck waiting for your flight. It feels very isolated and there is little you can do. While the Schirmacher oasis (with >50 lakes) is only 12 km away, you need to spend your days near the blue ice field of the airport. We were lucky though: we left Novo around 2 PM and arrived in Cape Town around 10 PM local time. 
The samples are being taking care of by a local courier; I was happy to see these guys, knowing they are in good hands. This will give us, and the Czech colleagues, interesting work to do in the coming months.
Cheers, Elie

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