mardi 18 décembre 2012

Snow White and Prasiola

Hi Annick,

One day, I've get a chance to visit Mt. Yukidori-toride, meaning
"Castle of snow petrels" in Japanese.  Large number of snow petrels
(pure white sea birds) are nested in the shade of rocks, and we can
find quite rich vegetation of green algae Prasiola, around their nest.
These algae are using the nutrients from the droppings of petrels. Indeed, the Petrels are transporting these nutrients from the sea to the inland nunatak.
They have to fly about 400 kms to get their food and come back to the nest, and sometimes feed a chick.
Snow White in Antarctica. A seabird, snow petrel. 
Green algae (Prasiola) around the nest of Snow petrel, Mt. Yukidori-toride.
Have a nice day, Satoshi Imura
伊村 智

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