jeudi 28 janvier 2010

27 January, Wednesday

Today we went to Pingvinane and Tanngarden. We collected the data from the loggers placed in the granite outcrop on the Northern side of Tanngarden (couple of km to the SW from Pingvinane) and from Pingvinane nunatak. The highest temperature outside of the OTC was observed in Tanngarden and it was +17 C!!. The highest temperature inside the OTC was also observed in the same site. It seems that the windskoop at this site is the most interesting place from a biological point of view.
Interestingly, the mean temperature in Teltet was higher than in Tanngarden, despite the fact that we cannot see biofilms. Thus, the absence of visible life is not due to the meteorological conditions, but some other factors, maybe linked to the rock structure and stability? In addition, I collected some biomass from the OTCs and the control sites outside.
Moreover, we have collected dust from the aerosol traps (pancake forms) in Tanngarden and Teltet.

Back at the station for a snowbath!

Karl, Olivier and Sylvain working on the electric installation of the SSS, with Koen and John (not on the picture).

At the station, Johan and the guys have done their best to equip the Southern Scientific Shelter with electricity and drill 2 small holes to insert the tubing of the pump. As the wind is stable (SE or E), we have started the filtration of air. Tomorrow, we will drill again into the cryoconites.