vendredi 24 décembre 2010

24th December 2010

The weather is good, but the wind direction is still wrong. It is eastward, and goes from the Station to the shelter where we do air filtration. So, I still cannot start the air filtration. In addition, the wind speed is a bit low for the wind turbines and we have to use the old electricity generator. Yesterday, I have found all the boxes that we have left in the station last year and assembled a filtration unit. I need to modify a program.
Such a good weather should be used for field trips, but the sampling in the OTCs should better be done at the end of the season, after one year of experiment. Also it's a good weather to go to the top of Utsteinen and Teltet to quantify and compare the number of biological crusts on granitic (Utsteinen) and gneiss (Teltet) nunataks that are quite close geographically and should be exposed more or less to the same climatic conditions.

The convoy from the traverse will come back this night, and so we'll start the Christmas party without Alain, Gigi and the majority of the station team. Happy Christmas!


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