samedi 25 décembre 2010

What happened to the Open Top Chambers?

Since Zorigto has installed Open Top Chambers on three sites, on the ridge near the Station, on the Teltet nunatak and Pinguinane nunatak in January 2010, we were a bit worried that they would be destroyed by the bad climatic conditions of the winter.
In addition, we could expect that the snow would accumulate inside the OTC, whereas the snow would be blown away by the winds in the vicinity. So, the OTC would change the humidity and the length of the snow cover, in comparison to the control areas.
About our worry concerning the 'survival' of the OTC, we already had good news of the one on the ridge. Mid-November, Alain Hubert had kindly been taken pictures of the OTC, closer to the station.

As you can see, there was a lot of snow. When he arrived, Zorigto went to the ridge to observe the OTCs and replace the sensors for temperature and humidity. Then, Zorigto has read the measurements recorded during the whole year by the sensors. Due to the snow, he had difficulties to find the data sensors for temperature and humidity that he had placed in the OTC and in the control area. However, he could read the data. The highest temperature inside the OTC1 was 0°C (19 Dec), and it  was +7°C (15 Dec) in the control area. The lowest recorded temperature was -38°C. It was reached on 6 July and 3 August 2010.

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