jeudi 30 décembre 2010

28th December: air filtration

The weather is good, the wind direction is E-NE and its speed is up to 11 m/s. The air temperature is -5 C, and there are some clouds. Today, Alexander Mangold and myself have started the air filtrations with the filters having 0.2 um pore diameters. I keep a control filter in the freezer.
Installing the filtration equipment on the top of the Southern Shelter
Connecting the filtration device

Taking the filters with a pincette sterilized by ethanol

In addition, there were some problems with the download of the data from the fluorometer. However, I have contacted  the company PSI and Tomas Hajek (Institute of Botany, Trebon, Czech Republic, see blog on the Preparation of my trip), and they have helped me to solve this problem. Johan Berte and Bernard are kindly ajusting some of our additional equipment for AquaPen.

Tomorrow with Jacques, we will go to Utsteinen to install the temperature and humidity loggers in different places around the nunatak. This will allow us to better understand the microclimatic variations that the organisms experience in one place or the other.

On Thursday, approximately  half of the base members will go to the plateau with the meteorite team. Maybe that they will come back this year?

Cheers, Zorigto

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