jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Data from the temperature sensors on the Utsteinen ridge and the Teltet nunatak

I have plotted the data from the temperature sensors of the control sites near the OTCs on the Utsteinen ridge and the Teltet nunatak.
These data show that:
1. The temperature patterns are similar in all these localities (most probably, they follow the changes in the air temperature, it should be plotted also on the graph)
2. The microclimate is very important. If you compare the 2 loggers from the Utsteinen ridge, it is clear that the OTC1 (orange) located south from the cairn is exposed to a lower temperature then the OTC2 (blue) located north from the cairn.
3. The Teltet nunatak (yellow) reaches even a higher temperature than the Utsteinen ridge during spring and summer. This could be explained maybe by the darker colour of rocks on Teltet? The darker, the more heat that the rocks can accumulate.
4. The low abundance of biological crusts on the Teltet nunatak could maybe be explained by the properties of the rocks (gneiss) rather then by the  microclimatic parameters.

Temperatures during one year (January to December 2010) of the control sites on the Utsteinen ridge (blue and orange) and the Teltet nunatak (yellow)


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