samedi 1 janvier 2011

New Year in a half empty station

On 30th December, Alain, Steve Godderis and the meteorites-hunters and about half of the station inhabitants went to the Antarctic plateau. They will be back on 2nd Jan 2011. We have wished them a happy New Year and stayed on the station. We'll have a "totally male's party". The weather is very
calm now, so I had to stop the air filtration for several hours.

Today, I have helped to unload some containers with food. In addition, I have worked with the
new PAR meter that Elie Verleyen has given to me, just before the departure. I also have discussed the meteorological data with the meteorologists, Alexander Mangold and his collegues. It was very interesting, I'll write about it later. Being together in the same place, means that we can discuss and interact a lot, and better understand the information and each other experiments.
Tomorrow, I plan to work on the ridge with the fluorometer and the small measurement chambers.

Happy New Year!! Zorigto

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